A Spirituality of Our Times


Within the only spirituality of the Church, the CLM discovers a unique way of living a coherent Christian live, as an answer for the impulse given by the Holy Spirit, now in these times and looking into the future of the human being according to God’s Plan. Spirituality is faith make live, its real live in the history of humanity.

That is why the Christian Life Movement aims to be a space in the society for meeting with the Lord Jesus, which can facilitate an authentic, committed Christian life. A life that projects itself through the testimonial guidance of Mary, the announcement of the Faith and the promotion of human dignity in the light of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church. Its identity is stamped by its vocation to the apostolate, center of its life and projection.

The Christian Life Movement considers that each person is a basic unity. We see in that deep reality an invitation according to the design of God to link life and concrete daily experience with Faith, promoting the person’s impulse towards sanctity in an integral manner. We strive to overcome all separation between Faith and Life in the conviction that, like Mary, we must live a deeply incarnated spirituality in our daily lives.