Holy Mary


The Spirituality of the Christian Life Movement is Eminently Marian. It is a spirituality which originates in the Words of the Lord Jesus from high on the Cross when looking at Mary and Saint John, He says to His Mother, ‘Woman, here is your son’. Then He says to his disciple, ‘Here is your Mother.’ And from that moment on the disciple received her in his home”(Jn 19, 26-27).

Immaculada_smThe members of the Christian Life Movement try to live according to the motto: “Through Christ to Mary, through Mary more fully to the Lord Jesus”. In the Mother of the Lord we see the model par excellence of Christian life and fidelity to the Divine design.

The characteristics of a Marian spirituality for today’s world can be sumarized as follows: “The rich Mariology of Reconciliation, the proclamation of Mary as Mother of the Church, highlighting her spiritual maternity of all the faithful, as well as the Mariology of Puebla and Santo Domingo, which shows Mary to be a close compassionate Mother of the children who are on their pilgrimage in impoverished Latin America, clearly manifest that for theological reasons, but not less for historical signs, a spirituality of today and tomorrow must carry the Marian imprint.

Mariology must aspire in today’s spirituality to fully respond to God’s Plan and, in consequence, it must be included organically. This organic perspective will prevent a double danger: on the one hand a kind of “mariolatry”, totally out of proportion and therefore totally unacceptable; and on the other, a margination in which it is excluded, except as a kind of ornament, from the global significance of the message of salvation and the life of Faith. There is an ever increasing conviction that Christology itself requires a Mariology in order to be fully Christian. We must not lose sight of the fact that the Lord Jesus cannot be understood if not understood as Son of the Father, and as Son of Mary.” (“A Spirituality for Our Times”)