Our Apostolate


Apostolic vocation

CLM members are called to engage in the mission of evangelization. Our identity is sealed by the vocation to the apostolate, which is the center of life and action of the Movement.

Within the general apostolic orientation, the CLM emphasize five areas that it considers fundamental: the evangelising service of young people; commitment to solidarity with the poor; the proclamation of the Gospel to the roots of culture; evangelism, training and promotion of Christian families; and the defense and dignity of the human life.


Get Involved!

Hundreds of people are involved in the groups and activities of the CLM in the United States. While they participate in the CLM activities, they continue being active members of their respective parishes. Each group gathers every week or every other week to reflect about their faith and to help each other to live it in their daily lives.

Currently, the outreach of the CLM consists of: