Holy Mother

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  1. Holy Mother,
    teach me to walk beside you always,
    for I know you will lead me to your Son.
    I want to be near you
    so that I can learn from you,
    as did He.
  2. Listening Mother,
    teach me to hear the words of your Son.
    In my heart help me treasure all he says,
    until the time that he
    enlightens my mind and I
  3. Loving Mother,
    teach me to look with eyes of faith,
    see the needs of others, give of myself,
    serve generously,
    see the face of your Son in
  4. Obedient Mother,
    teach me to mold my will to His will
    so that until the very end I’ll be
    fully available:
    able to do whatever
    He tells me.
  5. Suffering Mother,
    teach me to love as your Son loves,
    I want to stand at the foot of the cross,
    turn not away in pain,
    although my heart may be pierced
    by a sword.
  6. Holy Mother,
    teach me to walk beside you always.
    Under your loving care I place myself:
    teach me as you taught him
    and I pray I will love you
    as does He.