Who We Are


The Christian Life Movement (CLM) is an ecclesial movement within the Catholic Church with a spirituality and style of its own. It is an International Association of Christian Faithful of Pontifical Right.

The CLM is a community where a true encounter with the Lord Jesus takes place. Its members look to live an authentic and commited Christian life in which they discover the deep call to proclaim the Gospel and announce the love of the Lord to all the people around the world.

The Christian Life Movement was founded in 1985 in Peru. At that time, a number of initiatives from members of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, now a Society of Apostolic Life, had already begun to bloom. A group of Sodalit brothers conceived the idea of gathering those people and ideas together in an ecclesiastic movement. Thus, the Christian Life Movement was born as the fruit of an apostolate that had been blessed by the Holy Spirit.

Communities of the Christian Life Movement have been spreading throughout Peru and neighboring countries in America ever since. As time went by, with the maturity and the growth of the movement, the CLM received the Holy See’s recognition as an International Association of Christian Faithful of Pontifical Right. This took place on March 23, 1994, on the feast day of Saint Toribio of Mogrovejo. The Christian Life Movement obtained recognition of the Apostolic See through a Decree of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, presided over by His Excellency Cardinal Eduardo Pironio.

From that moment, the expansion of the Christian Life Movement has become increasingly immense. There are now many communities and individual members in various countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

As members of the Christian Life Movement, the center of this experience of faith is the deep yearning for holiness, the commitment for the apostolate, and the generous and fraternal giving of oneself in service to others.